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Durante questo corso vi sveleremo tutti i segreti dei software per l’elaborazione delle immagini digitali. Parleremo in maniera approfondita di tutti gli strumenti presenti, ma sopratutto creeremo insieme il vostro personale preset sia per il colore che per il bianco e nero. Vi assicuro che cambierà per sempre il vostro modo di post produrre portandovi risultati sia in termini di velocità che di qualità ad un livello superiore. Durante l’intero corso utilizzeremo sia le vostre che le nostre immagini per vedere le differenze in tempo reale. 

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23 GIUGNO 2019



120 €







23 Giugno 2019

Camera Raw + Photoshop

Ore 10:00                          

Ritrovo e iscrizioni.

Ore 10:30 - 13:00          

Introduzione e post produzione tramite Camera Raw.

Ore 13:00 - 15:00     

Pausa pranzo

Ore 15:00 - 18:00     

Photoshop - Exposure 4 


  • Utilizzo Camera Raw

  • Creazione di preset personalizzati

  • Utilizzo Photoshop

  • Utilizzo Exposure 4

  • Utilizzo Nik Collection

  • Preparare il file alla stampa

La quota include

  • 10% di sconto per l'acquisto sul nostro shop online.

  • 5% di sconto per l'acquisto dei prossimi viaggi.

  • 10% di sconto per l'acquisto di stampe fine art.



What are the programs being offered by Perfect9?

Perfect9 offers a unique and proven IELTS Review program that develops candidates’ confidence and mastery of four macro skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The course is also applicable for TOEFL & PTE. There are two options: a 10-day live or webinar course, or the self-paced 30-day course.

What makes the Perfect9 Prep Courses successful?

Perfect9 uses a transformational approach in assisting aspiring professional migrants achieve their dreams. Our proven techniques focus on the following:

√ Task-based macro skills which are tested in the actual exam
√ Critical Thinking Skills Enhancement
√ Updated course materials based on the recent examination questions
√ Individualized Assessment of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses
√ Performance Profile to assess the student's readiness for the test
√ Holistic learning to provide a positive and encouraging environment

How does Perfect9 update the candidates with the recent exams for writing and speaking in IELTS?

The coaches regularly check the preferred IELTS websites to ensure the quality and integrity of our course materials which also reflect the recently given questions by Cambridge Language Assessment.

How comprehensive are Live Review Courses at Perfect9?

The four macro skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, – are discussed in great detail to fine-tune the candidate's readiness to sit for IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. Moreover, Perfect9 has the Grammatical Range and Accuracy (GRA) section to ensure that the candidates write and speak in syntactically and semantically correct sentences. This is observed in the exercises, Practice Tests, Mock Tests, one-on-one Speaking Tests and Writing Consultations.

Who are the Perfect9 Coaches?

The Perfect9 coaches are part of the Rachell Allen team which maintains a pool of highly qualified IELTS Coaches who undergo a 5-STEP screening process to ensure that only the best and most effective IELTS Coaches can handle the classes. Moreover, Perfect9 has a strict Evaluation System that is conducted on a regular basis to ensure the QUALITY of the program.

Why does Perfect9 call lecturers, Exam Coaches?

We do not consider our Exam Coaches as mere lecturers, reviewers or usual teachers. Our IELTS Coaches are all well-experienced to motivate, guide and strategically equip students with necessary critical thinking skills. More importantly, they are committed to inspire our candidates to be the best that they can be. This is the Rachell Allen Transformative Experience.

Is Perfect9 live review course effective for candidates who have missed their required band scores?

We have had excellent success with students who did not get their required scores previously whether once or multiple times. Most of them have previously undergone other test prep courses. Perfect9’s unique one-on-one Writing/Speaking Consultations and Predictive Assessment Tests help each candidate to identify all areas of concern and rigorously work on improving them.

What is Perfect9’s success rate?

Perfect9 takes pride in having an excellent passing rate - 90% as of December 2020. Those who consistently get Band Score 7 or higher from Practice Tests easily make it to scores they aspire for due to our predictive assessment. To ensure their success, Perfect9 uses the Performance Profile to monitor the candidates’ progress and advises them to sit-in prior to their test dates.

How often does Perfect9 conduct live review courses? What is the usual schedule?

Perfect9 has a regular 10-day schedule (Monday-Friday) which is offered face-to-face or webinar style. Review classes are from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Where can I avail of the Perfect9 Prep Course?

Perfect9 offers both classroom-based Prep Courses (6th floor, E. Joshua Center Bldg., 1428 Taft Ave., Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila) and online (Manila & UAE time).

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